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Payment instructions Payment by Paypal or Bank account is accepted.

step 1  
deside wich graphic art you want to buy.

step 2  
decide how to pay, with paypal or bank account.

If you  don't have a paypal account you haveto sign up for a free paypal account. You will need a
creditcard and an e-mail adress. Go to and sign up. The process just takes a few minutes.
When you have a paypal account, and wants to purchase, click the paypal logo at below and proceed.

Bank account
If you wantto pay via bank account, use this account number. Don't forget to fill in your delivery adress, and art items.
IBAM: SE2495000099601800319871

step 3  
(This is not necessary, but we would like you to mail with the details, such as delivery
adress, payment method etc. Then we will confirm and also establish an email relation.

step 4   
When payment is confirmed by acosta studio, we will mail you back and immediately ship the art.
Shipping email deliverytimes etc
Paying by bank normally takes about 3-7 bankingdays before
confirmation. Paypal is immedietly. Before you buy at acosta studios it may be a good idea to e-mail us
at . Very often we have special offers and such. Shipping is included in all prices with in EU ,
USA , Canada and Australia . The graphic art are carried by Royal Swedish Post. When acosta studio
receives payment, we will immediately ship the art, and notify you by email when its on the way. You will
receive your Acosta serigraphy within 7-15 business days. If you have any question please don't hesitate
to contact

Mail your order


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