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Cow Parade 2004
summer 2004! That's when you'll also saw CowParade, one of the worlds largest and most remarkable art exhibitions. There was app. 70 life-size, fibreglass cows that are exhibited throughout the city. And they're all different. Each cow has an imaginative design, courtesy of known and unknown artists as well as art enthusiasts all over Sweden.

CowParade has previously been staged in cities such as New York, Sydney, Chicago, London and Dublin, achieving great success and drawing lots of crowds. And during the summer 2004, Stockholm presents its own Cow Parade - lasting twelve weeks. Afterwards, the cows are auctioned out and the majority of the proceeds are donated to the organisation BRIS, Children's Rights in Society.

In early 2004 I had a request from the Parade association to paint a cow to the Cow Parade In Stockholm summer 2004. I showed them 10 samples and they especially liked three of them. These three resulted in 2 cows and a calf. I’m grateful that I’m the only one that done 3 cows In the parade.

I’m grateful to be part of this important and funny charity project, which will help and aid children.
J Acosta

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